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Security rules against Covid 19

We are in a new regularity and adapting to Covid 19 pandemic protection measures.

The global coronavirus pandemic is on the rise and this makes us even more responsible and more careful about protecting the most valuable asset of the health of our employees, customers and partners.

SKG Transfers is informed by the competent Authorities and takes all precautionary measures concerning Covid 19.


Cleaning our cars with disinfectant products before and after their use.

The people of JTR Transfers are informed about the prevention and protection measures based on the instructions of EODY against coronavirus at all stages of our cooperation.

Our offices and our fleet are equipped with antiseptics and masks and are available to our employees, customers and partners.

Application protocol in case of an employee or customer.

The car disinfection process and the medical examination of all participating employees are activated immediately.

We follow exclusively the instructions of the National Organization of Public Health (EODY) and the General Secretariat for Civil Protection.

Procedures adapted due to emergency measures

There is a limit to the number of vehicle passengers in Greece

  • For vehicles up to 5 seats, there is a limit of 3 passengers in total (driver and 2 passengers)
  • For vehicles up to 7 seats, there is a limit of 4 passengers in total (driver and 3 passengers)
  • For vehicles with 8 or 9 seats, there is a limit of 6 passengers in total (driver and 5 passengers)

ONLY families with children who can be transported covering the maximum allowed number of seats in each vehicle are excluded. In case of control, all adult members present official certification documents (Police ID, passport)

During the coronavirus pandemic, the travel measures imposed by the Greek Government are changed and we immediately adapt to serve better  our customers.

The common goal of all of us is to be safe!

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